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Our “service first” culture is the lifeblood of the organization and is unquestionably a key factor in making sure we perform consistently, retain clients and continue to grow.

We place great emphasis on employing, training and developing the best people in the industry so that our customers can be assured of sound advice from experienced people who are willing to help.

We have formed strategic partnerships with companies that share the same values as our organisation and are recognised as “best in breed” in their field. Alliances have been formed principally with major shipping lines, airlines, customs consultancy firms, logistics businesses, distribution companies and software houses.

These alliances enable Focus to offer a “one-stop-shop” solution to our customers with expert advice in all categories and only one single point of contact.

Our name used against us

It came to our attention that our business name – Focus Forwarding has been used in Canadian property listing. We are UK based business and do not rent out nor sell properties in Canada or any other country. If you come across any further advertising where our name is used in relation with anything other than freight forwarding, do get in touch.

Analytical Approach

Our business analysts are encouraged to fully understand the customers traffic flows, distribution channels, products, supply chain and all of the associated parties in the process.

By understanding our customers business from the outset, we are better placed to make suitable service proposals, present appropriate tariffs and suggest any cost saving and/or service enhancing solutions.

We do not believe in gaining business on price alone. We believe in long term customer relationships, in adding value to the supply chain and winning business on merit; be it service, price, an innovative solution or preferably all three. The golden questions is “have we provided a benefit?”

Unfortunately, our competitors often find it difficult to cater to individual customer quirks with any degree of consistency. A simple but well thought out Customer Specific Operating Manual agreed between Focus and the client is often all it takes to significantly improve the level of customer satisfaction. This is where Focus scores time and time again.

More complex solutions are often required too. These may include full purchase order management, a bespoke software solution, contracting out of a warehouse operation, establishing more effective EU Distribution channels, implementation of one of the many types of bonded Warehousing, outsourcing a shipping department and so on. We are very experienced at all of this and lots more and our Business Analysts are there to help.

Those customers interested in our Total Freight Management Program (TFM) benefit from logistical and duty expertise as well. TFM focuses on helping to drive costs out of the supply chain in a number of ways; lead time compression, automatic order/vendor consolidation, minimising the landed cost of the goods, improving on time performance, preventing bottle necks, increasing accuracy and quality, synchronising information etc.

Freight Forwarding


In order that we can maintain a competitive edge we realised the need to focus our efforts on running a low cost business model. As such, Focus continues to embrace technology to ensure productivity is maximised and workloads are minimised.

Focus already provides Track & Trace and POD’s via the web. Before long, you will be able to obtain a quote online, book online and download a variety of useful reports.


Focus understands the importance of an effective, clean and safe environment to control the efficient handling, picking and distribution of all goods within the network.

Focus believes the adage that the warehouse is the only department to handle all business through the organisation and as such it falls under the same stringent guidelines as the organisation as a whole.

Our Warehousing departments are all specifically chosen to provide the optimum level in service for the specific requirements of the movements handled at each location.

Our Heathrow South and Manchester locations are specifically chosen to handle the time sensitive transit cargoes for both import & export traffic which require minimal handling, little or no value added services and quick direct routes to/from each of the local airports to be delivered or removed to or from each airline. In this way they provide the most efficient and cost effective locations for these cargoes.

Our specialist Warehousing solutions, including all value added services, are available at our Heathrow North and Manchester locations. These locations provide short to long term storage and value added services including repacking, pick and pack and bar-coding.

Each location is equipped to the same high standards as each office of Focus and staffed by highly trained specialist Warehousing staff each working toward to “service first” culture of Focus Forwarding.

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